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WELCOME to this online collection of the genetic and genealogical family history files of Debra Susan Katz.

(This website is currently under construction, so there's lots more to come. Meanwhile...have a question? Email me! )

Katz Cohanim Cluster -7th Century BCE Canaan to 19th Century Billipilli

Our Family Lineages: (other than the Primary Katz Y-Chromosome Lineage above)

Y-Gobler Sephardic Galitzianers J1a-YSC76-ZS6967 Mt-Bill Katz' gggma [wife of Duvid Katz]--J1c7a

Y-Wolkin Lithuanian Rabbis J1a-ZS8615- FTA21764 Mt-Wolkin-Soloveychik-K1a1b1a

Y-Wolkin2Priel2Kukla2Joffe2DeVitry Rabbis J2a-Z6048-Y37133

Y-Piatagorsky/Divinsky 18th Century Ukraine J2a-M67-Z30390 Mt-Piatagorsky-Ita Ginde- H1as2

Y-Chiprin Sephardic2Ukraine E1b-M34-Y6923-BY185250 Mt-Chiprin-Sephardic-U6a7a1b

Y-Burkam Lithuanian Jews E1b-V12-CTS693 Mt-Burkam Baltic Gal-W3b1

Y-Katzeff Viking2Sephardic2Latvia R1b-U106-FGC8590 Mt-Katzeff North African L2a1L2a1

Y-Yosselsohns in Courland --- R1b-BY3293 Mt-Deb2Sora Feyga Vays [Weiss]-HV1b2

Y-Burstein/Goldstein Poland T1a-BY11520 (Mt= Mitochondrial DNA lineages, i.e. female lines)

Individual Family Pages for each surname above are under construction*, but until they are finished, enjoy

the links above which go to various illustrated summaries Deb had handy of the genetics and genealogy for the line.

(* except for the Wolkin page, which is completed---see "Wolkin World")

Katz-Klein Family Tree at

This searchable tree at includes the genealogy of all of Deb's lineages (listed above)---as well as those of

her husband William Scott Klein, whose genetic ancestry will also be detailed on this website at a future revision.

If you find the linked tree is hard to see or navigate, contact me as I can send you a better type of link via email:

Banner Photo Description:

(on left) 1204 BCE Stele wherein Mernepteh brags about destroying Israel ("their seed is no more"). Wrongo, Pharaoh-breath!

(on right) 850 BCE Kurkh Monolith wherein Assyrian King Shalmaneser thanks King Ahab (House of Omri-Northern Kingdom of Israel)

for sending assistance in the form of 10,000 chariots. Clearly Ahab was a good pal to have in a crisis!